Dale Carrison, DO, FACEP, FACOEP | Las Vegas Heals
Dale Carrison, DO, FACEP, FACOEP
Dale Carrison, DO, FACEP, FACOEP

Dr. Dale Carrison continues to be a driving force in this community as Chief of Staff at University Medical Center as well as numerous accomplishments he contributes in the area of emergency medicine. Carrison understands that healthcare is far more than simply prescribing medications and performing procedures but connecting with patients and colleagues to create a positive environment and higher level of quality care.

Dr. Carrison cares for patients in UMC’s Trauma Center and Adult Emergency Department. He serves in a host of other capacities including roles with the UNLV School of Medicine, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the Nevada Commission on Homeland Security, the Southern Nevada Health District, and the Governor’s Health and Wellness Council. Additionally, he works as the Medical Director for Burning Man, the Electric Daisy Carnival, and the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Medicine was not Dr. Carrison’s first career path. He initially started his career in law enforcement; first in the Sheriff’s Department and later as an agent with the FBI. Carrison’s focus has always been on helping people; this is why at the age of 45 he switched from law enforcement to healthcare and entered into medical school.

Dr. Carrison is a role model in our healthcare community through his continued advocacy on important issues including mental health and those less fortunate. He inspires current and future physicians in our community each day to improve healthcare in Southern Nevada.